I love my job

Working here, it's hard not to.


After purchasing my first home I looked back at my home buying experience and suddenly realized I was hooked, I loved the home buying process! The next year I went to a local realty school to become a licensed real estate broker. Since 2001, I found that I still love the business of real estate! I’ve been able to represent thousands of individuals and families buying and selling homes in every price range. I’ve facilitated small land purchases and listed million dollar luxury homes.

Since my beginning, I’ve been blessed to work with first time homebuyers, seasoned veteran homebuyers, investors and retirees selling their lifelong estate. Regardless of the client and their price range, I give the same level of service and ongoing, up-to-date communication to any individual that entrusts me with their real estate needs.

The Colorado Springs area has a large concentration of military families. Nearly 50% of my business has been to active duty, and retired VA clients. It’s been my pleasure to serve those who serve, and have served. I have learned very well how to facilitate the VA client and be aware of their unique home buying and selling needs.

Contact me and let me and my team go to work for you to facilitate all your real estate needs.


We were lucky enough to have Mike literally walk into our lives when he got hired to sell the home we were renting at the time. Instead of just selling the home and looking past us, he stopped to ask us what our plan was.

We had been teetering back and forth between renting again or buying our first house and we needed help. He took my boyfriend and I under his wing and helped us way more than I had imagined he would.


Michael is a dynamic, caring, patient, positive, constructive, communicative, and knowledgeable real estate professional that is also flexible, leveraging phone, email, text message.

If you want to work with a true professional that authentically cares for you, your family, and your home ownership goals, then Michael Winslow is your go-to guy! Give him a call today and allow him to guide you along the path to your next home!


Michael was a true blessing when it came to selling our home. We had a rental house in Colorado Springs but lived in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael bent over backwards to help us get our house ready to sell and he knew the correct people to call for whatever service our house needed (electricians, windows, roofers and painters).

When it came time to put the house on the market, Michael got our house sold in one weekend. There is no one I would recommend more than Michael when it comes to selling or buying a home in Colorado!


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Michael is a proud member of the Blue Picket Realty Team. Blue Picket is an agency of 15+ men and women working to help long-time Colorado Springs residents and new arrivals find the home of their dreams in the Springs.


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